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We are revolutionizing big data technology. Our product is high performing and easy to use for customers. At our core is a commitment to acceleration, cost-cutting, and partnership for enterprise business. We believe that technology is essential for driving enterprise progress, and we are committed to providing that technology to IoT and AI industries. We offer unparalleled growth potential for our team members.

Data Warehouse Engineer
  1. Understand and improve the current features of Jaguar
  2. Design, develop features of scalability and performance
  3. Integrate our indexing technology with big data platforms
  4. Work with other team memebers product features
  5. Provide support, consulting, training for customers
  1. Computer Science degree, OS and file systems
  2. C/C++, and Java skills
  3. Multithread programming
  4. Distributed computing knowledge

Hadoop/Spark Big Data Engineer
  1. Design and build Hadoop/Spark distributed framework
  2. Responsible for MapReduce and real-time programming
  3. HBase related software development
  4. Spark SQL Java/Scala software development
The requirements of this position include but are not limited to:
  1. The positions require a Bachelor's degree or above
  2. Kowledge of Hadoop, HBase, Pig, Hive, Spark SQL
  3. Solid Java skills, familiar with Java development
  4. Familiar with Linux system and environment
  5. Responsible for related algorithm development
  6. Must be a fast-learner and a good team player

Enterprise Sales of All Levels
  1. Strong ability to develop and drive new businesses
  2. Recurring revenue through product renewals and support
  3. Regular forecasts and account updates
  4. Outstanding service and support to customers
  1. Strong ability to communicate with all levels of the company
  2. Passionate and genuinely caring about people
  3. Ability to identify new business opportunities and prospects
  4. Strong sales presentation capability
  5. Strong leadership and relationship management skills
  6. Understanding of each prospect’s business, needs, and goals
  7. Knowledge of Office software: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  8. Excellent writing and content-creating skills
Please mail your resume (Word, RTF, PDF) to: contact AT     All Rights Reserved
2410 Camino Ramon, Suite 240, San Ramon, CA 94583