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2PiDay develops BPaas based big data analytical platform, serving customers in full cycle of service, providing optimized operation of data service, finding sales opportunity from data insights. 2PiDay helps customers improve product quality, and guide traditional industry in transition to intelligent production.
Quantea allows organizations, from large to small, to have the capability to fully understand their network. Whether it is gaining insight on user or network anomalies, intrusion detection or prevention, and network or business intelligence, the data captured is rich with information.
ZKYQ designs and manfactures robotic systems for water ecology. ZKYQ devices monitor sky-air-ground water resources to forecast and detect natural disasters. ZKYQ provides big data technology to customers by using satellite data, drone captured data, and GPS data to serve municipal and agricultural cusotmers.

Customer Testmonials
Nik Chandra, CTO of Synqy DataJaguar's NoSQL database technology is revolutionary and disruptive !
Michael Francisco, CTO of Quantea JaguarDB outperformed MongoDB in all the tests done in this evaluation. Not only JaguarDB performed better than MongoDB, JaguarDB utilized significantly less resources. >> Read Test Report
QA Engineer Jaguar database constantly uses less memory and performs extremely well. Its real performance is consistent with its claims in product description documents.     All Rights Reserved
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