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Healthcare and Bioinformatics

Rapid development in genomic and molecular research technologies have produced tremendous amount of information. Jaguar aids in the simulation, analysis, and understanding of molecular biology.
Predicative Analytics

It helps eBusiness improve marketing effectiveness by extracting information from vast amount of history data to predict trends and behavior patterns. Calculations during live transactions can evaluate the risk or opportunity of customers.
Financial Modeling And Trading

Quantitative analysis involves portfolio management, trading strategy, derivatives pricing and hedging. High-frequency trading has generated vast amount of information calling for optimized financial engineering and processing.
Robotics and Automation

Tracking robots and using telematics to collect, to learn, to reason, and to formulate original ideas.
Internet Traffic and Cloud Security

During transmission of a data out of billions of packets in the cloud, Jaguar is consulted to determine the path to destination and intention of data access. Information lookup activity is absolutely intense inside an intrution detecton system. Jaguar enabler can boost the performance of cloud security system drastically.
New Energy & Oil & Natural Gas

Exploration for new energy, oil and natural gas begin with examining the structure of the earth, and determining the probable areas of deposits. Seismic, magnetic, gravity data as well as vast archives of historical drilling logs can be analyzed.
Smart City & Transportation

The flow of various resources such as material, equipment, and staff is managed between the source and destination. Complexity of logistics can be modeled, analyzed, and optimized by integrating the Jaguar technology.     All Rights Reserved