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(06/30/2017 San Ramon, CA) Jaguar Helps Enterprises Increase Competitve Strength

The experts of DataJaguar have more than 20 years of experience in enterprises of all sizes. It is felt that database is the most important asset of any enterprise. It is critical that any organization operates a highly efficient database system in order to survive and grow. As data size becomes larger, high performant data becomes more important than ever.

The values that Jaguar brings to customers include:

  1. faster rate of collecting data and ability to store more data. Because of the high data ingestion speed of Jaguar, within a period of time, more data can be saved in the database system. The ones that master more data will have more power in today's competitive market. Decisions are being made based on data and insights into them.
  2. allowing companies to take incremental spending on database system as business grows. Existing database infrasture will not be destroyed simply because business outgrows existing infrasture. Database system is gradually scaled-out to meet thhe demand of more customers.
  3. better user experience. After enterprises use Jaguar system, their customers will find out that system response becomes quicker, user experience is much improved. Through customer referrals, an enterprise will acquire more loyal users and increase its market share.

(06/21/2017 San Ramon, CA) Jaguar Scales Out 100K Times Faster

Large volumes of event data are hitting today's database systems, which must receive such data at high velocity. As disks are filled up in database systems, they must have the ability to quickly scale out in size and not affect production at the same time. This is a very challenging problem for all database systems.

Jaguar distributed database has resolved this challenge for the first time in database history. Regardless of the size of the database system, hundreds of terabytes or petabytes, Jaguar can instantly scale-out by adding more nodes into the system. Immediately after the configuration data is updated, Jaguar can perform data writes and reads as usual. The whole process takes merely less than a second, comparing days or weeks to spend by other databases.

(06/08/2017) News Report of DataJaguar
Jaguar High Performance

(06/01/2017 San Ramon, CA) Bechmarking Jaguar

How does Jaguar perform? Let us just give it a test. In a lab enviroment, we setup a cluster consisting of 5 nodes. Each node has 72G memory, 2T disk storage, 16 cores. We installed Centos 6.7 and connected the 5 nodes with 1 Gbps network router. Jaguar and Cassandra 3.9 were installed to compare their performance. A table with 16 columns was created, where the primary key is 20 bytes, the rest 246 bytes. After the table was created, we inserted 1 million and 10 million records into the table. The we queried 500 thousand records from the table. In each operation, we cleaned up the other database's data to obtain independent performance data. The following table is the test result:

  Insert Data   Cassandra   Jaguar
  1,000,000   1802 Seconds   105 Seconds
  10,000,000   18010 Seconds   1045 Seconds

During each insert operation, three copies of the data were generated and saved in the cluster among different servers. From the test result, we can see that Jaguar performed 18 times faster than Cassandra ! After the data was written to the database cluster, we queried 500 thouand records from the table. The time spent on the queries are listed in the table bellow:

  Cassandra   Jaguar
  3604 Seconds   246 Seconds

From the above table, we can see that selecting data from Jaguar is 15 times faster than Cassandra!

Jaguar delivers an order of magnitude faster performance than current NoSQL databases. It is best suited for IoT and AI applications where machine data, numerical data are measured in large volumes. Jaguar is also easy to install, use, and operate. With the core database product, Jaguar will add other big data products such Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and deep learning algorithms to present a total solution to all IoT industries.

Jaguar Releases 2.6.8

(05/26/2017 San Ramon, CA) DataJaguar, Inc., the global provider of the fastest and easiest data management platform built on revolutionary data indexing technology, today announced the release of Jaguar 2.6.8, which provides a critical feature of production quality NoSQL database. Customer data can be replicated with multiple copies on different servers to prevent data loss. Upon hardware failure or network interruption, the Jaguar cluster will continue to operate to ensure that no data records are lost. A Jaguar database cluster will restore itself to normal condition when faulty hardware is replaced or network becomes live again. This feature enables a Jaguar database system to have high availability and security.

About DataJaguar
DataJaguar is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering innovative data indexing technology and product. DataJaguar's flagship product, Jaguar NoSQL database, speeds up data processing by more than one order of magnitude. Jaguar database is optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Jaguar database can quickly index, process, and analyze machine data and numerical data. A Jaguar database cluster can scale horizontally to any size to meet the demand of business growth.

Meetup Overview of NoSQL Databases

(04/19/2017 San Carlos, CA) In a DevOps meetup held in San Jose, DataJaguar CTO shared basics of NoSQL database and reviewed several NoSQL database products. NoSQL databases are increasingly used in big data and real-time web applications and smart city projects. NoSQL systems are also sometimes called "Not only SQL" to emphasize that they may support SQL-like query languages. Along with other database software, Jaguar was also presented to demonstrate its easy to use and operate advantages.

Meetup Showcase of JaguarDB

(02/28/2017 San Carlos, CA) DataJaguar CTO made introduction of Jaguar database at the Penisula NoSQL Meetup in Silicon Valley and had an overview of Jaguar database technology. Dozens of database admins, engineers attended the seminar and asked many questions. Some even skipped the Super Bowl to watch the webinar remotely from the web. The Penisular NoSQL meetup group consists of more than 300 IT professionals who work on or are interested in new NoSQL technology products.

Jaguar Releases 2.4.4

(10/20/2016 San Ramon, CA) Jaguar makes new release of Jaguar 2.4.4, which is a major milestone in the revolutionary Jaguar database development. Data ingestion speed reached record high -- 120 million records per hour on a 4-host cluster with real application data. Data ingestion speed is sustainable within a 16-hour period, and is expected to be sustainable independent of time. Even with such high insertion rate, the system consumed little memory of only 6GB to support 2 billion data records each of 248 bytes. The system has achieved scalability by dynamically adding more server hosts to the cluster and rebalancing of data.

Jaguar Releases 2.1.9

(06/08/2016 San Ramon, CA) Jaguar makes new release of Jaguar 2.1.9, which is a major milestone in the revolutionary Jaguar database development. Data and index information is fully distributed in multiple server hosts and a number of client API are provided. With its innovative SEA storage structure, Jaguar achieves high data ingestion rate and fast data search speed. The performance of Jaguar is linearly scalable in data processing without data bottleneck. Jaguar offers big advantage over traditonal NoSQL databases because the keys in Jaguar are globally sorted by order. This unique feature enables Jaguar to execute fast range search as well as relational query.

Jaguar Releases 2.1.8

(03/12/2016 San Ramon, CA) Jaguar makes new release of Jaguar 2.1.8, which has included 49 new functions and optimized data operations that can reach 100,000 IOPS on a single server. Repeated tests have shown its performance is even better and more stable than well-known in-memory databases. Upon hundreds of concurrent client data requests, query and update speed is faster than the in-memory database. In a clustered enviroment, Jaguar can scale-linearly and reach 100 millions per second. Jaguar is poised to meet the demand from the explosive IoT industry where high-volume and high-velocity data is generated and collected.

Jaguar Joins Ustartx

(11/03/2015 Meno Park, CA) Jaguar team was selected among hundreds of startups to join UstartX startup acceleration incubation program. UStartx, located at 3000 Sand Hill Rd., Menlo Park, CA is help high-potential startup founders to accelerate their dreams and change the world for better. Jaguar accepted and graduated from the fruitful startup class in the UStartX Design Thinking training camp.

Jaguar Supports Spark Now

(09/21/2015 San Ramon, CA) Jaguar now is supporting Apache Spark for big data analytics in the release of Jaguar 2.0.6. Spark is one of the fastest growing big data platforms in big data computing. With its memory efficient and parallel architecture, Spark has emerged as a popular distributed computing framework. Jaguar, by its support of JDBC interface, can index large volume of data and feed source data to Spark with fast IO operations. Jaguar, acting as a fast data IO engine to Spark, provides lightning speed of big data computing.

DataJaguar Announces Jaguar 2.0 Release

(08/01/2015 San Ramon, CA) Massively scalable data platform Jaguar 2.0 has been released today. Data can be stored on thouands of storage servers and indexes of the data are built along with the ingestion of the data. Jaguar uses the simplest data model: array. All data items are placed in a huge flat array sorted by its primary keys. Also secondary-indexes are maintained as data is updated in the data array. The indexes are also stored in arrays.

In a complex distributed enviroment, data is still logically presented as an array to the user. From the perspective of users or programmers, a table is just an array of sorted data items, and so is an index. Physically the table is striped over a number of hosts in the cluster. Jaguar allows programmers to directly access the underlying data structure. Jaguar offers a powerful platform to conduct map-reduce as well as non-mapreduce tasks over large amount of data that are sorted, indexed, stored over hundreds or even thousands of computer hosts.

DataJaguar Announces Jaguar 1.0 Release

(05/31/2015 San Ramon, CA) After six months of hard work on Jaguar, we are proud to announce Jaguar 1.0, the next-generation computing engine that delivers high-performance in querying and computing of data.

Some key features of Jaguar are:
  • High Performance: 5,000,000 per minute data ingestion and indexing building at the same time. High performance of data write allows storing data at high velocity.
  • Fast Join: joining of multiple tables at the same time, and at high speed because of fast merge join operation of the unique array-indexed tables.
  • Configurable memory usage: easy configuration of memory usage for fast data load and table join in environments where DRAM resources can be leveraged.
  • More client binding: In addition to C binding, Java and JDBC client API are provided. Any Java application can call native Java API or JDBC to query the fast Jaguar server.
  • Semi-structured data support: Keys in a table have a schema, but the value fields in a table are schema-less. This feature allows flexible storage of non-structured data as well as fast lookup of key data.

We will continue to improve our product and make Jaguar scalable. Future work will include integration of our fast indexing engine with big data platforms to offer a spectrum of computing functionality.

JaguarDB is awarded First Place Prize

(04/16/2015 Livermore, CA) IGate helps startups in tri-valley to grow. On Thursday April 16th, a killer panel of Bay Area angel investors heard pitches from eight selected startups in various high-tech industries. After two hours presentation, ArrayDB was awarded the First Place Winner in the investor pitch night. DataJaguar is honored to receive such an award and thanks the judges for the encouragement. IGate Investor pitch GoLive

IT Times Weekly Magazine Reports DataJaguar

(03/09/2015 San Ramon, CA) IT Time Weekly Journal and Web are the mostly influential media covering IT industry in China. In the past decades, its readhership has expanded to ten of millions of professionals. DataJaguar has been reported and covered in its multiple media platforms including wechat, weibo, web site, and printed journals. See the Full Article

China Business News Reports DataJaguar

(02/26/2015 San Ramon, CA) China Business News journal interviewed and reported team members of DataJaguar Inc. on Feb 26, 2015 at the office of China Business News in San Ramon, California. Reporters of the well-known business journal talked to us and reported the revolutionary 40-year technology break-through in big data processing. Full article is here (fourth page): PDF file of the weekly journal

SVIEF Innovation Award

(09/27/2014 Santa Clara, CA) SVIEF is looking for technological breakthroughs in areas such as Mobile Internet/Gaming, wearable tech, 3D printing, robotics, health Care IT, New Energy, software, hardware/semiconductor, and other emerging technologies, etc. Innovations should go far beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services. Winners will be chosen by an independent panel of judges. DataJaguar big data technology has been awarded the top 30 most innovative technology. (9/27/2014)

Startup Contest Award

(08/16/2014 Santa Clara, CA) SVIEF Start-up Contest is a chapter of Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) annual conference. Its main purpose is to cater to the needs of the rising start-up business, by bridging both US and China with efficient platform for communication and networking, beneficial innovative start-up environment and information sharing, diverse cross-strait partnership on technology, talent, capital, and market, etc., and integrate venture capital and high-tech industry. DataJaguar partiticipated the SVIEF startup contest and is the only enterprise software awardee among the top 25 innovative startups. (8/16/2014)     All Rights Reserved
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